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First 2015 Easyfresh Newsletter contains following articles and news :


Happiness as a business model

A research concludes ; happiness first and money to second place when developing business.



2015 global GDP forecast improving

The rules of the game have changed for 2015, and we expect to see a whole new ball game.



2014 & Liner shipping ; what happened ? A summary in few lines

The word ‘consolidation' has become one of the most used in liner.



Agriculture; growing demand for food, energy and raw materials

What role will a resource-efficient and climate-compatible agricultural sector play in the future ?



Food safety and trade liberalization in an age of globalization

Globalization brings economic growth, but risks related to unsafe food, too.



Trade globalization and nutrition transition

Globalization leads to a concentration of corporate ownership across the food-supply chain.



Time to shift your produce shipments to reefer logisticians

A change to gain efficiency in your cold chain logistics.




Berlin Fruit Logistica is back. Easyfresh will be present !

I am a Berliner !! And you ?? The world's biggest fruit fair is ready.



Digging deep: How to feed the world with perennial crops ?

The world is running out of arable land to feed the growing population.



Grow your own carrots

Carrots are a good source of vitamins and minerals




Aquaculture and its developments

Aquaculture is practiced by both the poorest farmers in developing countries & by multinationals


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