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  • Easyfresh Business Presentation

    EASYFRESH overall objective is to optimize the logistic element of its customer's business by offering a fully integrated one-stop-shop service for fresh or frozen foodstuff or other perishable cargoes. The EASYFRESH organization consists of first class affiliated Member Companies with the business objective of providing integrated logistics solutions for perishable cargo as Supply Chain Managers

    This network is managed and coordinated through Easyfresh Logistics S.L in Valencia, Spain.

    More about EASYFRESH organization and our business concept can be found in our summarized EASYFRESH business presentation.

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  • Easyfresh Code of Conduct

    The history of our organization includes a long-standing commitment to comply with the law wherever we operate and to conduct all business activities with the highest ethical standards. In today's business environment, upholding this commitment is critical for our continued success in the global marketplace.

    The Code summarizes the principles that must dictate the actions of all EASYFRESH team members in order to comply with the standards that our customers, suppliers and stakeholders expect from us. In drafting the EASYFRESH Code of Conduct, we have been inspired by sector thought leaders and international best practices.

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