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Easyfresh partners Frigobreda open a brand new coldstore facility

This is the fourth coldstore fully operated by Frigobreda in Breda area, The Netherlands, close to Rotterdam and Antwerp ports

Frigobreda Warehousing BV, sister company of one of the four owning partners of Easyfresh, just inagurated its 4th (FOURTH !!) coldstore facility in Breda (The Netherlands) range.

This brand new facility has following basic details :

- Warehouse capacity of 3.500 m2 in total:

- Frozen or Chilled room of 1.400 m2

-Frozen or Chilled room of 600 m2

-Ambient room, plus 12 DC of 1.500 m2 -8 loading/discharge dock's

-Reefer plugs at the dock's

-Bonded warehousing

-Skall licensed

-AGP licensed

-ISO 22000 certified

For more info : helpdesk@easyfresh-logistics.com

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