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A year in review and the Easyfresh 2020 Strategy Plan

Rafael Llerena, Easyfresh CEO writes a 2016 review and outlines a bright future for Easyfresh, subject to some actions

Reefer logistics continues to be a growth industry. The growth rate is expected to outpace that of global GDP, a good situation to be in, considering current economic circumstances and difficulties in other related markets in dry cargoes and remarkably in the liner industry.

In this positive environment, Easyfresh will need to deal with numerous issues in the years ahead. For example, as trade routes become more competitive our bargaining power will be challenged. One important strategy to counter this challenge is to use our global specialized perspective linked to a "true" networking. The incorporation of our innovative business model in classic trade routes and the introduction of our unique Easyfresh business concept especially in emerging markets will upgrade and consolidate our operations. Subsequently, our SOPs (standard operating procedures), outlined in our Easyfresh Service Manual shall become paramount for our common and individual development.

Another key to growth and profitability will be the ability to analyze customers' needs and then respond quickly with differentiated logistics solutions. That will require more focus to improve internal process efficiency and to generate analyses that result in deeper understanding of customers' industries and business processes.

Margins and margin sharing

To be a high-performance business in reefer logistics we need to be selective and implement solutions different to "classic" port-port and low margin, by smartly adding "real value" and sharing same with the respective "other end's" Easyfresh colleague. Operational excellence is linked to sharing and constructive interaction. Our Code of Conduct clearly outlines it.

The above in contrast to most of the companies in the dry cargo logistics industry, whose top-line growth suffered significantly in the global downturn. Moreover cited industry is having negative returns not covering fixed costs, leading to unworkable long-term operations.

Three questions

At this stage, we have three questions or points for each of the Easyfresh colleagues to think about and to share during our Berlin's February meeting :

- To get areas of strengths : What do you do within Easyfresh especially well ?

- To get areas of improvement : What do you wish you would do more of within Easyfresh service legs or commercial portfolio ? Less of ?

- To get at ideas for development : What suggestions do you have for your continued development within Easyfresh organization ? In particular, what experiences, exposure, and/or education would you recommend ?

Linked to the above we are finalizing the 2020 Easyfresh Strategy Plan. It will include the key components in the mid term (3-4 year) strategy for the Easyfresh group based on three "pillars" :  Pillar 1. Customers / Pillar 2. Easyfresh commercial coverage / Pillar 3. Strategic alliances . The key strategic goal for Easyfresh as a corporation is to strengthen its performance in the three pillars and to improve the interaction between them while strengthening the corporate structure of the group. Berlin will be a superb opportunity to discuss it.

Looking forward to it !

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