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Easyfresh opens Chile office

Expanding in "The Americas" the unique Easyfresh business concept

We are utmost happy to announce some positive developments in Chile. With the newly created EASYFRESH CHILE SPA, Easyfresh expands its presence in "The Americas": The new Easyfresh Chile team is integrated, amongst other, by following specialised staff and management:


Emilio Vila; General Manager

Mario Ortega: Department of Finance

Carla Olivares y Paulo Saez; Customer Services & Operations.

Victor Valladares. Commercial Manager & Business Development


Easyfresh Chile will link its local activity to our coldstores and other end's specialised network. Our Chilean colleagues shall be able to offer value added services and gain market share vs a port-to-port / seaborne focussed competition.


For more info, please mail to emilio.vila@easyfresh-chile.com

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