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Easyfresh flag is waving in Costa Rica

Yessy / Servicios Globales Group will cover the country on behalf of Easyfresh organization

Costa Rica is the 67th largest export economy in the world. In 2017, Costa Rica exported $9.9B and imported $14.7B. The top exports of Costa Rica are Bananas ($996M) and tropical Fruits ($910M).The top export destinations of Costa Rica are the United States ($4.06B), the Netherlands ($575M), Panama ($561M), Belgium ($532M) and Nicaragua ($517M).

Given the above data, and the existing cargo flows controlled by Easyfresh Group, Easyfresh has decided to participate more intensively in the development of Costa Rican export and import fresh and frozen cargo traffics. 

For that reason, Yessi Multiservicios, will represent exclusively Easyfresh in the relevant Central American country. Our new Costa Rican colleagues, will liaise with Easyfresh organization in Euope and the rest of the world by offering specialised reefer logistics solutions in the Costa Rican market.

For more info, please contact sales.costarica@easyfresh-logistics.com

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