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Berlin 2018 : Ready to commit !!

After the success in Frut Logistica 2018 and the Easyfresh Global Conference, Easyfresh CEO, Mr Rafael Llerena writes about an intense week in the capital city of Germany

We had an amazing time in Berlin last week and hope you did,  too ! We wanted to send a quick thank you for all of the great connections made, memories created, and laughs shared.

Let's recap the week. Why not?  And for those of you who didn't attend, we hope to see you next year .......

First - Our weather was cold but still allowing to walk around the Ku-Damm or in Kreuzberg quarter to find delicious Currywurst and Berliner Kindl, the famous local pilsener !

Monday's evening pre-session and welcome drinks at the Abba bar was a "warm-up" gathering, for those whose flight schedule allowed to join. We discussed several issues in a nice atmosphere.

Tuesday was our first official day . The "Tea for two" and the "orchestra tuning" started our morning off on the right foot. It was great that everyone actively participated COMMITTING in a number of commercial issues. Music woke us up and warmed up that cool conference room.

Sessions that day covered the Pricing Desk, the Commercial Action Plans (CAPs), correct and regular (as per firm schedule) volume reporting and other issues related to the Easyfresh Service Manual, like proper implementation and training of our SOPs. The teamwork/coaching session, guided by the professional coach Susanne Lorenz (see attchment/Easyfersh values) and the presentation of Teun and Mats, reflected all those matters. Besdies it, we had the opportunity to highlight a number of 2017 Easyfresh hits :

  • New customers ; Auchan (SLO), Bama (IB), etc ...
  • EU EASYFRESH trade mark and logo registration to PROTECT our worldwide REPUTED & RECOGNIZED BRAND
  • New Easyfresh Companies : Easyfresh Chile & Easyfresh Iberia, headed by Emilio Vila & Rainier Wolsleger, respectively. Rainier moved August 2017 to Spain.
  • New Easyfresh Network Members (Brazil & Peru), plus a number of non-exclusive agents (Ecuador, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Malta, Mexico, USA, etc )
  • Termination with LT Norway, given their lack of accomplishment of the Easyfresh Service Manual
  • Teun Messemaker : New European Regional Mngr & Pricing Desk Mngmt.
  • Ekaterina Fefelova (New Easyfresh Network Coordinator). Support to pricing , replacing Isabel Rubio, who Works now for Easyfresh Iberia SL.
  • Pricing Desk (a lot to come on this...)
  • Strategic Partnerships : Plymouth University (UK) and Multiport (UK)
  • Website Improvement . Check all changes. We are open to new suggestions.
  • MoU and process of incorporation of an Easyfresh holding Co. to be named "Easyfresh Global Ltd."
  • Training : Agreement on courses (distance or present. Details to be coordinated with Easyfresh HO & Mats)
  • Easyfresh Sharefile Citrix APP (available in the Appstore and in Google Paly for Android) or simply via the Easyfresh website
  • Easyfresh Marketing and Social Media CONSTANT presence to spread our biz concept and trade mark EASYFRESH ® worldwide

Winds blow in the right direction for 3PLs given the reefer shipping and industry market trends ( an opportunity for Easyfresh !).

Liner Shipping Carriers Consolidation & Concentration: Lesser frequency. Core liner routes not always matching reefer cargo needs. Bigger ships : The global average call size at terminals is growing. Increasing pressure on terminal operators

  • Limited availability of reefer equipment in some routes/seasons
  • Few "fresh" or "fruit friendly" ports : Deadlines at terminals, plug availability, documentary bottle-necks , other ...

Those favorable winds keep blowing in the food and reefer cargo trades :

  • Complexity and volatility in produce trades. Our globality is helpful for customers, seeking solutions to the market uncertainities.
  • Severe price gaps between origin and consumer prices. It change trade flows . Easyfresh is present in the major consumption and production areas of the world !
  • Distribution controlled by retailers largely , wordwide (Product X - sourced 365 days). We are "a good animal for supermarkets" : A solution for them sourcing globally.
  • Seafood : Difficulties in fishing. Lesser catches in certain areas. Shift to Asia vs local sourcing. Aquaculture as a broader source of seafood. Increased number of fishers and fish farmers (doubled in the last 25 years)
  • New Products, new origins, new markets (meat, poultry, seafood, fruit + vegs, ...)
  • Future Food demand: FAO by 2030 Global Food Production has to raise 70% given expected population

All the above supports our vision and our developments in the coming years !

Likewise we had an excellent presentation of CMACGM's  Marjolijn Maliepaard, followed by a panel discussion with the constructive participation of Brazil's Ivo Mafra, Netherland's Teun Messemaker and Slovenia's Patrik Filistun. Easyfresh and CMACGM are discussing a "GLOBAL AGREEMENT". Teun is leading these talks. More to come on this.

Thereafter or Chilean colleagues Emilio and Victor, had a creative presentation about the mid 2017 established Easyfresh Chile SPA. Later in the day, our conference ended with the "products" Easyfresh Iberia SL is offering in the market : Rainier Wolsleger explained the unique multimodal service packages, he and his team are offering by connecting with a successful operation in Breda. The 45 reefer box, becomes a great tool (amongst other) in a "world full of clones and clowns".

After a long but interesting day, we enjoyed a lovely dinner at Il Calice, restaurant. Nice Italian food, good wine and a cozy atmosphere helped all of us to relax and interact further. The Easyfresh 2018 Award was delivered to our Egyptian colleagues Ahmed and Hazem. Well done, Egypt !

Next day, Wednesday 6th Fruit Logistica kicked-off . An amazing number of contacts and meetings where held in an extremely busy environment. Thursday 7th, was as intense as Wednesday, though Friday many had left or were about to leave. Lots of hardwork and commercial discussions that we have to change into business cases and bookings.

Now we are all back, after a long week . As from now it is time to maximize the time and efforts done.

Remember, if there are any sessions you'd like to look over again, the whole presentations, pictures and conference information is available on the Easyfresh Intranet. Check the "Berlin 2018" file, located in the folder Nr 2 Easyfresh Network-Agents (shared folders) . Some pics advanced hereby attached. We're also here for any questions you may have.

Last but not least, let me thank to Ekaterina Fefelova for all her good work and assistance.

Thanks to all again for a great week and the good work in a positive mood ! See you all next year (5th of February 2019) in Berlin's Abba hotel again, one day before Fruit logística 2019 start.





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