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Enjoy www.easyfresh-logistics.com !!!! Easyfresh website improved

Take your mobile, type EASYFRESH in your usual browser, and see the new mobile outlook of www.easyfresh-logistics.com . Share it with social media tools !

During the past years, the Easyfresh Management Office has been regularly amending and adding value to our Easyfresh wesbite. New informations for customers, clarification of our services rendered and roles, connectivity with Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, VK, Instagram, etc), amongst other improvements. All these had been added and adjusted as a consequence of the consolidation and growth of Easyfresh and the range of services offered.. In fact, a website has to be dynamic, supporting the business concept and constantly adapting to the market changes.

But this is not enough. With so many people in the world using smartphones and other mobile gadgets to surf the web, more and more, our old  website and its gradual amendments required to be adapted to a more mobile-friendly environment. Our Easyfresh website www.easyfresh-logistics.com  had been designed in 2009, practically 10 years ago, a long, long time when talking in IT or software terms. Therefore we have modified our site for the smaller screen size found on such devices, by making our website automatically adapt by shrinking things and moving stuff around. This method is often referred to as "responsive web design". Anyhow, in your office laptop or PC, the usual appearance will remain.

In fact, the movement of all type of persons into digital life continues to deepen. Many have relatively substantial technology assets, and also have a positive view toward the benefits of online platforms. Others  are possibly largely disconnected from the world of digital tools and services, both physically and psychologically, but, even if those had the chance, they'd google the word "EASYFRESH" when they'd like to trace us and to know more about us. The responsive web design allows to get a better SEO rating and appear above in the results list. Those websites not adapted are pushed down automatically by the browsers, and de facto, disappearing from the search engines.

Take your mobile, type EASYFRESH in your usual browser, and see the new mobile outlook of www.easyfresh-logistics.com . Share (*) it with your local customers and suppliers , promote it with your social media tools and benefit from it. There is always a return of a persistent and good work.

Enjoy www.easyfresh-logistics.com !!!!


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