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Easyfresh Code of Conduct. A critical tool to construct a strong future

In a world fulll of smartphones and crazy dynamics, values become more important than ever

It is always a good moment to comment again aboutour Easyfresh Code of Conduct. As an integral part of our Easyfresh Service Manual, it outlines a number of values that differentiate us from other organizations.

In a word full of speed, smartphones and complexity, we do believe that values like responsibility, efficiency, integrity, commitment or respect, amongst others, are an asset if we really apply same.

The history of our organization includes a long-standing commitment to comply with the law wherever we operate and to conduct all business activities with the highest ethical standards. In today's business environment, upholding this commitment is critical for our continued success in the global marketplace. As Easyfresh team, we might find ourselves dealing with situations where it is difficult to decide which is the proper action to take. We should always proceed in ways that are consistent with Easyfresh´s Corporate Values and Principles. Our Code of Conduct provides a framework for our corporate values, as well as guidance on our behavior, and it helps us deal with difficult situations.

We treat people fairly, with dignity and respect, recognizing that the consideration towards all our colleagues is key for business excellence. We must do an effort to understand other cultures and every single individual. In fact, the diversity of our individual backgrounds is an important driver in Easyfresh´s success.

Said success within Easyfresh must depend on personal skills and work performance. At Easyfresh we must all work together to ensure that our workplace is one of inclusion and acceptance. We also promote an atmosphere of openness, engagement, active listening and trust.

You may download for free our Easyfresh Code of Conduct :  https://easyfresh-logistics.com/downloads/the-easyfresh-code-of-conduct.pdf

We are proud of our "Code"  !

For more info, email to : helpdesk@easyfresh-logistics.com


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