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Warming-up for Berlin

Rafael Llerena, CEO, Easyfresh, Global Reefer Logistics Suppliers, tells the Easyfresh team why it's important to meet in Berlin and about the Easyfresh targets for this yearly event

Dear Berliners :

Below some opening or warming-up remarks, for your reading before our upcoming Berlin gathering.

It's an exciting time for Easyfresh as we continue to grow and adapt, remaining always adaptable, motivated and responsive, customer-focused and open to new ideas .Our organization is confronting a time of many changes and we're meeting these changes during a time of larger global change. This includes the world of food retail, as an exciting area in which to work. So we'll continue to meet and bring inspired people together in forums like this, to ensure that Easyfresh remains at the cutting edge in reefer logistics.

I'd like to give you an idea of what you can expect and what we hope to achieve over the next Berlin full programme (conference,training session, group's gatherings). You all had received a draft agenda (some minor amendments to come shortly. Reading it you'll have a good feedback of what we expect. Anyway it is good to highligt some points and basic goals we'd like to achieve :

1)                  Gatherings with colleagues : Lunch, dinner, breaks, welcome drinks, trade fair, etc .... Sit down with the relevant Easyfresh colleagues. Discuss openly any business opportunity. "Use" the Management team and any resource to delete any past disagreements and look forward to establish a solid ground for business relationships with anyone in Easyfresh.

2)                  Training session : Follow to the Easyfresh Service Manual : We're transforming the way we operate to continuously improve our ability to communicate (sales leads, etc ), wave the Easyfresh flag, book cargo and report. Our employees and partners have continued to meet the challenges of our field and to excel despite setbacks. We should all be very proud of where we are today and excited about where we are headed. But surely we can improve

3)               Conference : Our target : LOGISTICS SOLUTIONS FOR FOOD AND GROCERY RETAILERS/SUPERMARKETS. Some "food for thoughts" that outlines our opportunities in this arena :


Food and grocery retail market : Change is the only constant... 

  • Retail markets are undergoing substantial change
  • Suppliers need to evolve to move with retail change
  • Polarity of maintaining volumes and driving margin
  • Different strategies for different channels (and markets, retailers)
  • Retailers will be looking to suppliers to help them through change

I'd like to thank each of you in advance for attending our conference and for bringing your expertise to our gathering. You, as organization leaders, have the vision, the knowledge, the wherewithal and the experience to help Easyfresh to pave our way into the future. You are truly our greatest asset today and tomorrow, and we could not accomplish what we do without your support and leadership. Throughout our Berlin conference trade fair and meetings, I'll ask you to stay engaged, keep us proactive and help us shape the future of Easyfresh.

My personal respect and thanks goes out to all of you.

See you very soon !


For more info , please write to helpdesk@easyfresh-logistics.com


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