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Berlin - Minutes & wrap up - "A lot in the pot" - GO FORWARD / TARGET FOOD RETAILERS / Easyfresh is "sexy"

Our summary of the Easyfresh Berlin Conference 2019

Our Berlin Conference and subsequent Fruit Logistica have been a great opportunity to meet all of you and discuss business. Thanks for being with us in Berlin ! After going through our intense programme, we realize there is " a lot in the pot". As from now, we have to work in all agreed areas and traffics and maximize time and efforts invested. Anyhow, we know for sure, that we made new connections, attracted new customers and spreaded the EASYFRESH name all over. In fact it has been repeatedly confirmed that EASYFRESH is SEXY and appealing, that our suppliers, customers and competition have a great respect for our name and unique biz focus.
Let us summarize herebelow the different parts of the programme, for our common information and follow up :
Monday 4th February
We started with the training session. This was the first time we organised it (this way, in a group, before a conference). The session part of he EASYFRESH Training Programme, was led by Mats (excellent session !) and adopted a user perspective by presenting practical cases and examples . Attendants received a completion certificate. In a period of time, only Easyfresh companies or representatives holding certified staff shall be able to collaborte within Easyfresh network.
Later on, we enjoyed a welcome drink at ABBA Berlin hotel bar. It was a good opportunity to exchange views and synchronise some joint commercial actions for the days to come.
Tuesday 5th February
We started 9 AM , in the same room where we had the previous afternoon the training session. We kicked off with an individual presentation and all attendants answered following questions : 1) Food retail markets are undergoing a substantial change. Do you forsee opportunities for Easyfresh in your area ? 2) Please mention 2-3 retailer names in your country you'd like to approach together with other Easyfresh colleagues' support. Note was taken and we progressed to the "heart" of the conference , dealing with our theme "Food retailers" and inspired by our motto "GO FORWARD".
All presentations are available in the EASYFRESH Intranet. It will include the results of the workshops managed by Ekaterina, pictures and the superb presentation of our guest Paco Borras' (Anecoop), together with MOST's interesting feedback. Please click following Link and access to it : https://weasyfreshlogistics.sharefile.com/home/shared/fo3c0c2f-acb5-4bfe-bfce-5d0db05090a0
We ended the day in a lovely atmosphere at Restaurant Il Calice. The Easyfresh Award 2018 was delivered to Easyfresh Iberia, represented by Veronica Ferrari and Rainier Wolsleger. Their transport solutions and retailer foucs are a superb example to follow by the resting Easyfresh colleagues. The Training Programme completion certificates , wehre delivered, too.
As from Wednesday 6th February . We enjoyed an amazing commercial interaction at the trade show. A number of opportunities where discussed jointly or separately. TPG very kindly supported us with their booth (thanks, Patrik), while others weer "hunting customers" in a very effective way : together with other Easyfresh colleagues !
Now is time too "digest" all commercial actions taken and to work and ellaborate further.
Last, but not least let us thank all attendants for their presence and utmost active contribution. We feel we are GOING FORWARD and the market feels it, too !!!
Madrid 2020, before Fruit Attraction has been penciled as possible next year's destination. Please teke note of it. We shall inform you more within the next months.



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