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4 countries of Central America are under Easyfresh umbrella

APOPSA and the related companies APOHSA and COIRSA will represent Easyfresh in Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras since March 2019.

Easyfresh appoints a well reputed group as new Easyfresh exclusive representative in cited Central American countries, key origins for fresh produce trades to worldwide destinations.

Apopsa and the group are well known, due to the highly experienced management and staff. The team has carefully handled cargo and maritime operations in the whole region for over 30 years, achieving the highest service standards.

Let us welcome the new colleagues to the Easyfresh Team!

More info at : sales.guatemala@easyfresh-logistics.com, sales.honduras@easyfresh-logistics.com, sales.elsalvador@easyfresh-logistics.com and sales.nicaragua@easyfresh-logistics.com and helpdesk@easyfersh-logistics.com.





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