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Prioritizing creative thinking in shipping and logistics vs digitalization

There is no doubt that the transport, shipping and logistics sector is undergoing an important transformation “creative thinking” is the way to go forward.

Within the logistics industry, digitally "savvy" executives are already prioritizing the alignment of their people and corporate culture to achieve their companies' long-term digital success. Many shipping and logistics organizations are responding to an increasingly digital market environment by adding roles with a digital focus or changing traditional roles to have a digital orientation. There are now digital strategists, chief digital officers, digital engagement managers, digital finance managers, digital marketing managers, among other positions. Anyhow, despite the proliferation of digital roles and responsibilities, most executives recognize that their companies are not adequately preparing for the upcoming logistics industry disruptions they expect to emerge from the ever increasing bottle-necks and global challenges. There is a general consensus : Uncertainty will be the driver.

So, how to tackle these uncertainties  ? Creative thinking is the clue. Nevertheless, the terms "creative thinking" and "shipping and logistics business" are rarely used in the same sentence, which is a shame as thinking creatively is a powerful business tool that should never be overlooked by those "savvy" executives. Creative thinking can help a logistics company to identify and exploit new opportunities and assist in problem solving, improving overall productivity. This is how we see it in Easyfresh, as specialised reefer logistics suppliers.

Once a business is established, it is very easy to be seduced by the relative simplicity of "business as usual" or attracted by the mantra of "sell what we've got" (just buy a seafreight and re-sell it, with very limited value for the customers). Most shipping lines and forwarders focus on existing standard services or methodologies and would rather make small tweaks to the existing, rather than developing fresh new ideas to improve their business strategies. But, for those that think outside the box, the rewards can be huge by finding new perspectives and removing the limits we put on ourselves.

There is no doubt that the transport, shipping and logistics sector is undergoing an important transformation and prioritizing (not disregarding others) and investing seriously in"creative thinking"  is the way to go forward.

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