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Why my cargo ? How can I tackle this bottle-neck ? When will this nightmare end ?

Our customers ask us for solutions . And yes we try, but ... Strict deadlines, heavy traffic, fuzzy documentary procedures, etc... lead to constant difficulties for reefer cargo owners. The clock is ticking and any delay can seriously harm your perishables.

As container traffic in international shipping continues to increase consequent growing global trade, the tendency for congestion in ports and subsequent high transaction costs are paramount. Ship owners, ports, container terminal operators, shippers and port users' profits are reduced drastically as a result. In other words, ports have to face the problems that will arise with cargo volumes, container carrier sizes and customer demand all increasing in size.

Container ports are complex pieces of infrastructure hosting a broad number of activities besides container loading and unloading, e.g., mending, pilotage, tugging, etc. With container cargo being a major part of today's transport means and container carriers still increasing in size, one delayed ship can now disrupt the entire port schedule and thus congesting it due to the inflexibility of the port .

Expanding the ports infrastructure would only be a temporary solution because transportation of various goods through containers is still on the rise and container carriers are still dependent on the ports for loading and unloading their cargo. The container carriers increasing in size is also a problem for the cranes, they will not be able to keep up with the growth of the carriers due to their limited height and capability.

All in all, 3PLs and depending on the specific scenarios in place, can present alternatives. Multimodal solutions, skipping heavily congested terminals, re-routing of cargo flows, alternative transport modes, like barges and inland delivery in river ports, or simply a cross-docking at a warehouse, can sort out many of these major bottle-necks.

We in EASYFRESH are realizing that clients demand our special focus, as trouble-shooters. We bring "peace of mind".


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