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Significant skills shortage in the shipping and logistics fields is serious business

The current shortage of skilled labour across various industries is a fact. The very specialised reefer shipping and logistics fields are suffering it, too.

More concerning is the fact that the list of sectors affected continues to grow. This shortage in skilled managers and workers is a growing problem for many countries, practically worldwide, and it needs attention. The consequence is a bad customer service and the limitations to construct realistic adequate logistics solutions for the customers.

From our own experience, we know employees/candidates with good skills and expertise in dealing with perishables, consider very seriously if their employers are skilled in handling reefer cargo or not. There are many forwarders dealing with reefer cargo, though ony a few are able to really understand what customers require within the fresh produce or seafood industries. This factor really does make a difference.

We all need to be thinking more seriously about what we can do within our sector to ensure a skilled workforce, able to tackle future challenges.

Obtaining the very best talent in reefer tardes is not easy Therefore, we in Easyfresh strongly believe in training, in general, and in concrete ; in our "Easyfresh Training Programme".

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