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Easyfresh gets stronger in the Baltic !

Limarko Maritime Agency UAB joins Easyfresh, covering Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, White Russia and Kaliningrad (Russia).


Easyfresh has appointed Limarko as an agent for the 3 Baltic States, the Republic of Belarus and Kaliningrad region, effective June 2019.


Limarko Maritime Agency UAB offers a wide range of services relating to cargo transportation in containers by sea, starting from cargo pick-up at any location or port worldwide to delivery of the cargo to its final destination.  Limarko organises delivery of containers to any destination in Lithuania as well as Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and other countries. A wide network of reliable subcontractors enables  Limarko to provide customers with safe delivery of their container on time. 


Good to be a part of Easyfresh!


More info: sales.lithuania@easyfresh-logistics.com, sales.latvia@easyfresh-logistics.com, sales.estonia@easyfresh-logistics.com, sales.belarus@easyfresh-logistics.com, sales.kaliningrad@easyfresh-logistics.com and helpdesk@easyfresh-logistics.com


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