Easy Fresh


Easyfresh joins the Forwarders Debt Recovery Services effective June 2019

Expanding the opportunities, Easyfresh has become a part of the well known organization FDRS – Forwarders Debt Recovery Services.

FDRS assists the forwarder/freight community with the collection of their outstanding debts. FDRS works on basics "no collection"- "no fee". FDRS team have recovered hundreds of outstanding debts each year. They work with more than 70 freight forwarders, networks, exporters, importers, shippers, consignees, etc. 


FDRS also maintains the most comprehensive and industry standard warning list of Delinquent Debtors which is highlighted in the monthly newsletter to more than 60,000 forwarder/freight community members and all major forwarder network associations. The new service will help Easyfresh to secure our members and be stronger on the market.


For more info:  helpdesk@easyfresh-logistics.com and Intranet (Folder 1.EASYFRESH SERVICE MANUAL AND LIBRARY/ 2. Library/ Folder 6. Forwarders Debt Recovery Services).


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