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Azerbajan ; the new stop for Easyfresh

Azerbajan and other Central Asian countries are a target for Easyfresh. Rahul Shipping joins our organization

Rahul Shipping operates in Azerbaijan since 1999 (initially known as Rahul Co).

The major activity of Rahul S. are imports into Azerbaijan via Poti (Georgian port), Bandar Abbas (Iranian port) and Mersin (Turkish port) by road, sea, air and rail of various items (from dry food items such as rice and flour to frozen foods such as poultry, meat products, butter, cheese, ice-creams, etc) from various countries in the CIS, Europe, Mediterranean Sea countries, Middle East, South East Asia, Far East, Australasia, North & South America.

Rahul S. also handle exports of various items such as hazelnuts, agro-products from Azerbaijan to Dubai, India, Turkey, Korea, Europe, USA and Canada in containers, trucks and by air.

Rahul Shipping is always ready to serve and co-operate  for all logistics related needs, including customs house broking.

For more info ; please mail to helpdesk@easyfresh-logistics.com 

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