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Teun Messemaker, Easyfresh Global Pricing Manager interviewed

Breda, The Netherlands, July 2019

During years producers, grocery retailers, seafood exporters, fresh food importers and many others have been suffering of the clear fragmentation of the cold chain. Easyfresh is getting the attention of international media, given their unique way to fill a gap by focussing to transport solutions for cited fresh and frozen cargo owner  suffering cited challenges. The interview with Easyfresh Global Pricing Mngr, Teun Messemaker in easyfresh-logistics.com deals with it. We met up with Teun at the lovely Breda old city, enjoying a coffee after a hard day of work. This is how well-known and reputed "Teun of Easyfresh" reports thereabout :

Paula Stefan, Breda, The Netherlands, July 2019

Can you tell me a little about yourself?

My name is Teun Messemaker, a proud  father of a wonderful daughter of 25 years, son of 22 years old and girlfriend (she lives too far away but we see each other frequently, not always "Easy" but keeps it "Fresh" ).

They keep me down to earth. Sports fanatic but nowadays turned in only some active fitness and any other sports such as soccer, tennis, cycling, boxing / ufc  watching when I can, especially when it is live broadcasted.

I am in logistics since I graduated from the Port an Transport School " Jan Backx" in The Netherlands.

Some 20 years ago, after having several challenges in the forwarding industry, I got involved in reefer logistics and never left this specific logistics.

Because of the job travelling frequently which I love to do and learn from the different cultures and mentality.

To date, what professional achievement within EASYFRESH are you most proud of ?

Within Easyfresh I am proud of a couple of achievements, to be frank, and difficult to choose, but for sure I want to mention: Make connections to the deep-sea carriers and arrange some interesting deals for Easyfresh  from which we benefit as from day 1 .  My contribution to the Easyfresh network, mainly in Central & South America - this is still in further development in general . Improving quality of work and profitability in the Frigo Breda/Easyfresh Nederland offices.

What are the biggest hurdles to building your business in global reefer logistics and how will you overcome them ?

 The biggest challenge for developing business  next to the competition is knowledge and  convince the customer ‘we are different'.

Easyfresh is offering something unique, on top of the international network having at key entry points cold stores in Europe (Koper/Slovenia & Breda/The Netherlands).

For any kind of warehouse & customs activity and a full coverage for European distribution. Any other organization does not have this by themselves, Easyfresh does !

How do you build a customer culture around your logistics and coldstorage services ? Are these "two worlds" inter-connected ?

 We are close to the market on both sides....excellent connections with the carriers/trucking companies and at the other side personal/close connections with our customers.

Next by being competitive we also think "out of the box" and offer alternative and interesting solutions. Customers who do not know about our warehouse or not use we explain what we do and see if we can offer what they are looking for. The one using our facilities we are offering our deep-sea / Easyfresh global solutions.

Most of the times "price" is the key but I would say when it comes to Easyfresh it is a combination of what we offer "competitive / fast and personal / global coverage".

What would you say is the single most influential factor in Easyfresh success ?

The Easyfresh team all over the globe.

How do you approach marketing your business ? 

Next to the usual contacts by phone/email, social media and visits I strongly believe in showing your face at the different events, customers, offices, buying partners and to your network team's and offices.

I am travelling a lot and I am convinced when I show up for meetings in f.e. Brazil or Costa Rica it helps winning the business,  it shows we are interested in our customers. During these trips I learn from our customers and partners on what they do and what logistics challenges they have  but they also learn what we can do for their customers at our side, hearing what one can do

seems to work better than reading as questions will be answered directly. Call me old fashion but in our industry this approach works. I also believe a fast response to a question helps to win business, my friends in Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina etc. know they can drop me a message outside office hours, my reply means that they can give an answer to the customer still at the same day, this frequently makes the customer decide in our favor.

What are some strategies that you would recommend for making the best use of one's time ? As a matter of fact, logistics require an intense working time ....

We still have a lot to do for further developing Easyfresh but I think the past years we made some interesting steps forward. We are improving in planning and role assignment. Time availability is limited, so we need to manage it wisely.


For more information;

Teun Messemaker
Tel: +31 76 593 70 30
helpdesk@easyfresh-logistics.com tm.nl@easyfresh-logistics.com


Source: Fruchtnews

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