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Know Easyfresh in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua:

This is to introduce to you our Company, AGENTES PORTUARIOS DEL PACIFICO, S.A. well known as APOPSA and APOHSA.

APOPSA and APOHSA, has been on the market for 35 years in the Central American countries of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.

For your reference, APOPSA/APOHSA belongs to an own Group named GRUPO NAVIERO, in which we have sister companies representing different businesses, all related to cargo, such as; Vessel Stevedoring in San Lorenzo, Honduras and in Port Quetzal, Guatemala, Empty Container Depots in HN, Trucking for SSLLs, Country and Port Agent for Evergreen, Marfret, Xpress Feeders in Honduras, as well as Port Agent for Cosco in Honduras since many years ago, also handling reefer containers for such shipping lines.

In the past, we also represented TMM Lines for 25 years and C.P. Ships, with TMM, Lykes Lines and Italia Di Navigazzione for Guatemala and Honduras until it was bought by HHLL.

APOPSA/APOHSA is a Forwarding Company that has the know-how/experience to handle reefer containers as well as dry, over-dimensioned cargo, customs brokerage, etc.  It is also very well known by all shipping lines calling Central America, and airlines too.

We have one main office in each country; just in Honduras we have two, the main one in the industrial city of San Pedro Sula and another sales office in Tegucigalpa, also port offices in Port Cortes and Port San Lorenzo to attend vessels and ease up cargo export or import in this country.

APOPSA/APOHSA also belongs to the following Associations in each country where we have presence:

Shipping Lines Associations,

Forwarding Associations,

Couriers Associations,

American Chamber of Commerce Am-Cham,

Country Chamber of Commerce,

Properly registered in each country Customs with an ID number.

Our experience distinguishes us.

 Our contacts in each country are:


Mrs. Aida de Lopez   alopez@apopsa.com  CS Manager and Nominated Cargo

Mr. Carlos Rivera crivera@apopsa.com   Sales Manager


Mrs. Leslie Carias gerenciavtas@apohsa.com  Sales Manager


Mr. William Hurtado   gerenciasv@apopsa.com  Country Manager


Mr. Gabriel Morales  gerenciani@apopsa.com   Country Manager


Mrs. Cynthia Monterroso Papadopolo cynthiampapadopolo@gmail.com    President & CEO.

Mr. Brian Mendez bmendez@gruponaviero.com  Director

Mr. Dennis Mendez dmendez@gruponaviero.com  Director



Avenida Reforma 8-60 Zona 9

Edificio Galerías Reforma,

Torre II, Oficina 705,

Guatemala City 01009.

Central América.

Phone (502) 2326-2100


Best Regards,

Cynthia Monterroso Papadopolo





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