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Fruit Attraction's 2019: Busy, with many international visitors

The trade show went on last week in Madrid, while many events included meetings, like Easyfresh's "workcafe" and press conferences were happening, too. Easyfresh 2020 yearly Conference will take place in Madrid, October 2020

Fruit Attraction trade show  (on average / it started a bit slow) was even busier than other previous editions. The many international exhibitors were very pleased with the quality of the attendants. The dismal weather did nothing to dampen the atmosphere. And, practically, from the moment the doors opened, the aisles were full.

There were many visitors Europe, Morocco, Israel, Egypt, all  "The Americas",  India and several other Asian countries and the Middle East. All of them with a good representation at this important fair in Madrid.

The first Table Grapes Contact Group meeting was also held at the trade show. Spain, Italy, Portugal, and France participated. Moreover the World Citrus Association was founded.

Likewise many events were taking place during these three busy days. Said events included meetings, like Easyfresh's "workcafe" and press conferences.

Many exhibitors state they will not be in Berlin next year. They say they have enough exposure at Fruit Attraction. Nevertheless Easyfresh will attend both, prioritizing Madrid : The celebration of our 2020 conference is the reason for it. We'll do it, for a change and to take advantage of the better moment of the year : The trade show timings are particularly important.

Exhibitors and visitors alike were delighted with the fair. Fruit Attraction's atmosphere, size and timing are all positive experiences.

Source: Easyfresh News and Freshplaza.com

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