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Michael Murphy joins Easyfresh.

New Managing Director for Dublin headquartered Easyfresh Ireland Ltd

The Board of Directors of Easyfresh Ireland Ltd  has appointed Michael Murphy  as the new Managing Director of the Company.

Michael is a well known and utmost reputed expert in fresh produce and reefer trades, with a strong background in logistics and supply chain. In fact, Michael has over 20 years of professional experience in the fields of cold chain management, and produce distribution, while rendering services to major  international grocery, food retailers and leading fresh produce industry players.

During his career he took various profesional assignments in Ireland, allowing him a deep understanding of the Irish inbound and outbound perishables trades.

Moreover, Easyfresh Ireland  staff possesses strong operational knowledge and good experience in the industry.  We are very confident that with Michael Murphy's leadership, they all will deliver great value, support and innovation to our customers.   We envision a great future for Easyfresh Ireland !

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Michael Murphy




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