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Gdansk (Poland) - A coldstore project to serve reefer trades in the Baltic

Sealogistics/Easyfresh Poland lead the project in coordination with local authorities and players

Gdansk is a city with 1000 years history, once described as the Hanseatic granary of Europe

Now Gdansk is a key port within the Baltic range and with a superb future . Within the port area, DCT (Deepwater Container Terminal Gdansk) has the capability and potential for expansion. Thanks to DCT Gdansk's qualities and surrounding community of inter-modal transport cooperators, it is ideally positioned to serve the perishables trades.

Given the above, it is a fact, that a supportive facility (coldstore or refridegerated warehosue) would be very much appreciated by shippers and receivers of fresh and frozen cargoes, using or willing to use, DCT/Gdansk.

Subsequently, Easyfresh, guided by Dr. Tomasz Kubicki, head of Sealogistics Sp. z.o.o.(ul. Slowikowa,13, 81-198, Suchy Dwor, Poland + 4858 781 7777 / info@sealog.pl ) is heading a project to cover customer requirements and to support shipping lines, DCT and all local players for a smooth development of fresh and frozen cargo flows.

Easyfresh Poland and all Easyfresh team are favoring the creation and operation of the coldstore as a hub or platform interesting for shipping lines (easing container equipment flows and reducing costs), customers (adding value to their logistics and saving costs, too), customs and authorities, for a correct follow up of goods,etc.

We look forward to upcoming developments and remain at disposal of all readers for any additional informations required at ; info@easyfresh-logistics.com

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