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Coldstore facility in Dublin range : Contact Easyfresh Ireland !

Easyfresh Ireland offers coldstorage capacity and a number of warehousing related services within Dublin range (1000 pallets / chill, frozen & ambient)

George B. Shaw said  : "Ireland is like no other place under heaven" . Under heaven and within Ireland there is a nice spot that you as our customer and cargo owner should visit and use : A very convenient coldstore facility in Dublin range. As a matter of fact, our colleagues in Easyfresh Ireland Ltd, headed by  @Michael Murphy identified the opportunity and agreed to offer 1000 pallets places, for frozen, ambient and chilled commodities.  They identified the need to offer these refrigerated warehousing related services as a market demand : As products evolve and consumer requirements change cold storage warehouse space is a more critical branch of the supply chain than ever.

In conccrete, cold storage for fruit and vegetables is a particularly tricky subject as there are many factors, such as age and origin, which can affect how fresh produce should be stored. Easyfresh Ireland operations are focusing on implementing high quality coldstorage services and industry best practices within this new facility.

For quotations and servcies , please mail planning@easyfresh-ireland.com / customs@easyfresh-ireland.com or phone to +35318646876 (landline) or +353874365772





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