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Easyfresh Training Session: Know our Rules & Tools!

Learn our Rules & Tools!

Dear all in Easyfresh,

Some of you have already completed it successfully. The certificate of completion they've got confirms it. Others, not yet. Therefore we'd like to encourage those who haven't done it to go through a 1-2 hours session per Skype (if personally not possible... ) . So with this and other upcoming emails,  we'd like to familiarize and introduce you the Easyfresh Training Programm (per sections) : We start today with "Rules&Tools"

This part of the Training Session is divided into following parts:

1. EASYFRESH CORPORATE MISSION. Business model and organization.

2. MARKETING AND NETWORKING. External Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Intranet,  Service Manual, The Library, Pricing Desk, CAPs.

3. BRANDING. ID manual. IT policy.

4. SOPs INTERNAL.  Communication. Communication. Volume Reporting.

5. CODE OF CONDUCT. Clarification and explanation of codes. The Easyfresh house B/L.


To book a Training Session, please write to ef.ho@easyfresh-logistics.com.

We highly recommend you to attend the Training Session for better understanding the organization, our mission and goals . The ultimate goal is the business growth !


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