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Easyfresh "Innovation Lab": 5 defining points

A newly created development unit kicks-off, in order to trace innovative solutions for existing and future Easyfresh customers

Easyfresh "Innovation Lab" aspires to foster intra-organizational change, with the main target to keep customer satisfaction at it highest levels. Our collaborative innovation developemnt will be monitored by a team located at Easyfresh headquarters. This lab will synchronise efforts with reputed universities like the University of Plymouth (UK) and the Polythechnic University of Valencia (Spain). Other labs or similar initiatives may have little clarity on their core features, and few shared definitions. In Easyfresh case our innovation lab spans organizational, sectoral, and geographical boundaries, and strives to engage a wide range of stakeholders in problem-solving activities for existing and potential clients.

We contribute to the task of clarifying the logic of our innovation lab by distilling 5 defining features :

1. Preoccupation with large innovation challenges

We aim to create breakthrough, out-of-the-box solutions to major challenges of the present and the future food trades, addressing problems too big or complex for any shipper or receiver to solve on its own.

2. Expectation of breakthrough solutions

Our innovation labs pursues disruptive innovations, called to imagine the impossibl. Rather than settling for incremental improvements, our mission in the lab is to deliver "breakthrough solutions" and create places "where today's moonshots become tomorrow's breakthroughs".

3. Targeted collaboration

Easyfresh will seek cross-sector collaborations that will bring related people together.. Our iLab focuses on collaborative innovation, with all participants being equal partners

4. Long-term perspectives

Innovation labs are often framed as vehicles for "discovering the future." This is precisely our goal. Such freedom from immediate results creates space for blue-sky thinking and activities such as horizon scanning, foresight scenarios and strategic planning.

5. Rich innovation toolbox

Easyfresh lab will apply a wide range of methods and tools to stimulate creativity, guide discussions and moderate collaboration.The idea is to bring together the brains, methodology, and diverse tools for innovation as a key role of our newly created development unit.

In other words, our lab intends to develop tangible solutions, not just ideas, and therefore seek to remain active throughout the whole innovation process, going beyond the ideation stage where possible. So we'll be re "application-oriented" and dedicated to the development of real solutions for our clients.

Easyfresh Innovation lab will engage a wide range of participants, cutting across the boundaries of industries, professions, and cultures; they bring together "an unusual bunch" of people that would otherwise not work together. Anyhow, all of them will be ccoordinated and monitored by the Easyfresh Management Office in Valencia, Spain

If you'd wish to participate in our innovation lab, please write to helpdesk@easyfresh-logistics.com

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