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Ready for a new Egyptian grape season !

Good volumes are expected, though some challenges and uncertainties may shadow the results

The volumes of the Egyptian grape season will be comparable to last year. The heavy rains all over Egypt hadn't had a big impact as the grapes in Egypt are mostly covered with plastic. So there will be no significant change in volume compared to the previous season in 2019.

The start of the 2020 season is expected to be around the middle of May, which on schedule. Last year there was about a two week delay mostly because of the cold weather

Naturally the coronavirus and Ramadan may play a role in the challenges the Egyptians must overcome during this year's grape season. However, the major challenges of this season will be operational and logistical, many caused by the Covid-19 virus. It has resulted in a shortage of shipping space, reefer container availability and costs have increased consequently, borders and ports are and have been partly blocked, currency is fluctuating and basically devalued against local Egyptian Pound..

Likewise there will be some problems with labor. The measures taken by the Egyptian government to slow the spread of the virus also increase the costs, this logically related to the limited availability of labor due to the curfew, that force people to stay at home.

The Egyptian grape season would have been a great one, but with the current situation in mind, there are some uncertainties and challenges to overcome.

In other words, under normal circumstances, the grape season should be theoretically a good one, especially for the early red grapes due to the shortage from Chile. As The Egyptian peak season will be delayed until the beginning of June, due to Ramadan and the following feast holidays, this may put some pressure on the cargo flows if the Italian production comes early like they did last year.

Given circumstances, Easyfresh Egypt will offer "peace of mind" and effective cold chain solutions, as it has been done during the past 12 seasons in an utmost porfessional and competitive way.

For freights and services please contact karim.elshalakany@easyfresh-logistics.com.eg (cel : +201000097881) ,  ahmed.ashry@easyfresh-logistics.com.eg (cel : +201003884847 ) or helpdesk@easyfresh-logistics.com

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