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Egyptian grape has started

The Egyptian grape export has started and thanks to good weather, the prospects of the season are looking good

There are still some challenges, but working during the Ramadan is not one of them, according to the exporters and, of course, past years' experiences. Reefer logistics on the other hand remain a sensitive issue, remarkably given circumstances. Having said that working together with the specialised logistics suppliers and the final buyers has been always a good solution.

So, the grape harvest in Egypt is "in motion". The temperature is expected to remain favorable, up to 37 degrees Celsius and the quality of the grapes should be fine. The start of the harvest, which takes place in the second half of Ramadan and during the celebration of the last week of May, should not be a problem, according to local sources. Besides logistics, the currency policy, which affects the Egyptain pound, is an additional uncertainty.

It is expected that Egyptian grapes to be on the world market for at least a month, without significant competition, since other rivaling sources and seasons are already over or have not started yet. This will allow new customers to perceive and enjoy the quality of Egyptian grapes and its packaging for themselves.

Table grapes are one of the most widely-grown fruit crops in Egypt. It's considered to be the second most important fruit crop after citrus. Egyptian's geographical spread of production enables fresh sweet grapes to be available From May to July. Table grapes are grown from Alexandria in the north of Egypt to Aswan in the south. There are many varieties of table grapes produced in Egypt, like Early sweet, Superior, Thompson, Flame seedless, Crimson, and Red globe. Competition among Egyptian growers is tough. There's always more competition every year because of the new grape plantations coming into production every year, so the only thing that keeps one ahead of others in the market is the ability of producing high quality grapes.

Some data : Main export destinations are the European Union (UK, Netherlands, Italy,...), Russia, and the Arabian Gulf region . Egypt exports around 12% out from the total volume of harvested grapes. In 2019, the total volume of the exported grapes was around 130,000 tonnes.

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Source : FreshPlaza and Easyfresh News

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