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Food retailers need to connect to true reefer logistics expertise

Good post of Paula Stefan in Linkedin

This we know : Fresh produce supply is extremely challenging. Supply shortages are going to happen, yes or yes ! Subsequently, many grocery retailers have established emergency plans or call them "plan-B" solutions to sort out posible failures.

Prior to 2020, consumer trends were already leading grocery retailers down the fast and next day delivery ecommerce path. Given 2020 events, this move to fast and secure cold chain solutions has grown exponentially. These one-off situations, are not really that kind and happen frequently, meaning these covert themselves as an integral part of regular cold chain strategies. Could well be that several of said "plan-Bs" become the core part of the supply chain fro food retailers. Therefore a key thought emerges here : Connecting with specialised global reefer logistics suppliers is the solution for those retailers. It becomes an actio-reactio issue or a problem-solution scenario.

Having the right supply in the wrong place is essentially having no supply at all. Speedy and efficient global logistics increases the return on investment of comprehensive supply requirements.

We may say it in another way : The correct supply in the right place with a non-adequate logistics choice is another missed opportunity for those food retailers, seeking smooth delieveries to their shelves.

Not many logistics suppliers can truly assist to develop the proper solutions within a global cold chain arena.  Consumers shopping in-store or online (doesn't really matter ..)  will expect supplies to be on shelves consistently or delivered at home on time. My preferred option has been always Easyfresh. Suggest you surf their interesting website www.easyfresh-logistics.com : They are working with first class food retailers in a solid and consistent way. Keep a close eye to Easyfresh ! A rising star 15 years ago and now a consolidated reliable choice for the global food industry ...


Source : Paula Stefan, Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/food-retailers-need-connect-true-reefer-logistics-expertise-stefan

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