Easy Fresh


Easyfresh & UNAH (National University of Honduras) join for a session to share know-how in food logistics

Mr Rafael Llerena's (Easyfresh CEO) lecture followed by students and professors

Rafael Llerena @rafaelxllerena @MaritimeLogics has been invited by the @UNAH_hn Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras for an online lecture past Thursday 13th of August. Mr Llerena shared his views about the trends in the reefer shipping & logistics industrie with Honduran University students and their professors. 

It was a unique opportunity to discuss about Easyfresh specialised business focus and about the importance of barnding and marketing in logistics. 

Likewise attendants and the speaker, shared informations about food retailers and how Easyfresh serves them globally.

The sssion was chaired and headed by Dr. Douglas Amador, UNAH - TUAEC Coordinator,based in Comayagua, Honduras

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