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What attributes 3PLs should look for in their suppliers

There are certain attributes that are key to making the supplier relationship a success

It is our "bread and butter" ; internal discussions with the ultimate goal to construct the most effective logistic solution for our customers. So, when seeking a supplier, or even an agent or a specialised representative, we try to choose those that have sales and operational staff with strong skills in reefer logistics, understanding our business and truly enjoying what they do.

As a matter of fact, building a cold chain solution requires strong ties with your suppliers at origin and at destination . Therefore, among the most important relationships, we manage is the one we have with our suppliers.

There are certain attributes that are key to making the supplier relationship a success. Here are three specific qualities  any 3PL efficient Operations Manager  should look for in a supplier :

A)     They have to be responsive and communicate clearly.

The best ones are those who are always quick to respond to calls, texts or any question you might have. There is nothing worse than being left and used supplier is slow to respond to our inquiries, while our customers are demanding a response, too

B)      They accurately set expectations from the start.

Most supplier/3PL relationships fail because of expectations. This happens sometimes with our agents, too. We may expect the supplier to deliver in ways that are just not possible. At the onset, we work with our main contacts to establish a routine for the relationship, with clearly defined goals.

C)      The target : Achieving a "Virtuous Circle"

Once we have found the perfect supplier  and cultivated that relationship, we take in consideration the best relationships are mutually beneficial and thrive in the spirit of community and true collaboration.

We in Easyfresh believe,  the best suppliers are those that put in the time at the beginning of a relationship and see themselves as an extension of our business, while seeking opportunities to act proactively on our behalf.

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