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The Slovenian port is more "reefer - friendly" in comparison with its Adriatic and South Europe port rivals

New York has the Empire State.In San Francisco, that emblem is the Golden Gate Bridge, recognized as one of the most graceful steel spans in the world.

This paralellism leads us to Koper port. Somehow, Luka Koper is a "bridge" and surey the GATE for the Egyptian produce to Europe, very especially after a decade of strong growth and solid development.

Golden or not, practicality, handiness and convenience have become the values of a port and a port community serving constantly the fresh produce industry 24/7 , including port operations, customs and phytosanitary authorities. Those entities are, in a way, the "guardians of the gate".

A reliable road and rail service to all inland destinations in Europe (though remarkably to Germany, Poland, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Czech and Slovakia, etc...), has positioned Koper as the main Adriatic port for fresh fruit and vegetables. Moreover, the Egyptian producers have at their disposal an efficent quayside coldstore facility, whereby fast cross-dockings and speedy deliveries to all cited hinterland locations are granted at highest service standards.

The seaborne connectivity of Koper has reached good levels, regardless of the rather recent significant changes within the maritime liner industry. For example, Hapag Lloyd offers a weekly 4 day Damietta-Koper transit time with a Friday arrival. 2M Alliance offers a weekly 5 day Port Said East-Koper seaborne leg with a Monday arrival. These amongst other existing carriers' Egypt to Slovenia links.

Therefore, for many years, Easyfresh and ultimately our Egyptian clients have been utmost satisfied as regular users of Luka Koper facilities . Koper has allowed us to offer the service standards that our Egyptian fresh produce customers are requiring. Thanks Luka Koper for it ! You may contact and ask for a quotation to our Slovenian and Egyptian colleagues, amongst many others here https://www.easyfresh-logistics.com/network_02.php

Closing the loop ; Koper is the trustworthy Adriatic gateway for East Mediterranean produce into the heart of  the old continent. In other words ; Koper supports the Egyptian shippers and Egypt, as a whole, to remain being the "Garden of Europe".


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