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At the end of a challenging year many reasons for gratitude and hope

We are Easyfresh!

This year has been unlike any other for many of us in a variety of ways. Who knew, last year at this time - or even ten months ago - what it would look like? The emotional, mental and economic stresses as a result of the pandemic and subsequent restrictions have been profound.

Through this extraordinary disruption Easyfresh, as specialised 3PLs, was challenged to adapt and to find new ways of supporting customers, loyal suppliers and of course our people in a time of need and multiple bottle-necks.

The covid19 period has also highlighted that connectivity has never been more critical. We have witnessed a huge acceleration in the digital tools, linked to a fast adaptability to same, while removing customer "pain points". Intense door to door follow up, and high-class customer service have developed in parallel. As always, though in an utmost complex environment, we have taken care ! Thanks to all the Easyfresh team !

Importantly, it says a lot about the strength of our business and strategy that through all this we were able to meet guidance and provide same for the year ahead. So, let's invent 2021 rather than worrying about what happened during a very strange and challenging 2020 : Cheers to a new year : Another chance for us to get it right !!


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