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The unexpected consequences of success ; scam, phising attacks, etc…

Everybody loves a winner, right? No, unfortunately, not always.

Easyfresh unique business focus and success story is spread globally. It is obvious that the summation of your respective, individual efforts is leading to better and better business results. Linked to it, our exposure in media is constant and remarkable. As a company who is using social media for marketing purposes, social media exposure is everything. Internet tools like blogging and social media enable  Easyfresh to reach millions of business partners, customers and suppliers in a matter of seconds, at least with the right strategies. Back in the days, this wasn't even possible.
Morover, our growing presence in global food logistics cargo flows means that we are really getting noticed throughout the world. That's positive and clearly  the consequence of success.

Logically, the negative side is following : It leads to hacking attempts, phising, spam generation etc . Scammers have launched phishing attacks designed to mimic emails from document-signature companies (could be ours or a known third party) in an effort to trick our team into giving up their/your personal and financial information. And these phishing attacks could likely increase as the world continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

These dangerous emails received are often sophisticated. You can look for misspellings or grammatical errors, but you might not spot any. You can check the email address of the sender, too. Often, it will be similar to the company's email format. So be very careful ! Most of them are designed to sort out anti-virus and firewalls. Be cautious !

Anyhow, in case of any doubt ; just let us know and we'll be most happy to support and assist you.    

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