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Consumer demand for Australian table grapes still increasing in Vietnam

Thanks to improved trading conditions and ongoing export diversification efforts, Australian table grape exports to Vietnam reached record levels in 2021–22.

The 2021-22 season is the first full season in which exporters had access to the Merrifield (Victoria) irradiation facility for treatment. This allows table grapes grown in south-eastern Australia, including the Sunraysia region, to be directly exported from Victoria. In previous seasons, table grapes had to be shipped to Brisbane for treatment before export to Vietnam.

Table grapes from production regions in southern Australia can now reach Vietnam more quickly. Over 90% of Australia's table grape exports are from southern Australia. A shorter supply chain provides cost, quality and shelf-life advantages for Australian exporters.

Growing consumer demand for table grapes
Vietnam's economy experienced positive GDP growth throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The country supports a growing middle class that increasingly demands high-quality fresh produce and differentiated fresh produce.

There are multiple sale points for fresh produce to consumers in Vietnam's domestic retail sector. They include traditional stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, wet markets and mini markets.

Source; https://www.freshplaza.com

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