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Uruguay blueberries granted new market access to Israel

The Uruguayan blueberry industry is the latest to have received new market access to Israel. This latest market access to Israel by a South American country was granted at the end of June 2022.

Marta Bentancur, from the Union of Fruit Producers and Exporters of Uruguay (UPEFRUY), says they are delighted to have concluded the new market access right at the start of their current 2022 blueberry season. "We are happy to announce that we have been granted access to this particular market where we see very good opportunities for the present season and for future blueberry seasons. It is a new opportunity for high quality Uruguayan blueberries in Israel."

The market access granted by Israel's Ministry of Agriculture spearheaded by the Israeli Plant Protection and Inspection Services (PPIS) were satisfied that the necessary requirements and protocols were met by Uruguay. The blueberries must undergo fumigation treatment and inspections while Israeli importers must hold a PPIS permit.  

The Uruguayan blueberry season, which has just started, is from July to December each year. "The Israel market access arrives just in time for the Uruguayan blueberry sector to take advantage of this new market. Uruguay exports 1 500 tons of blueberries to the USA and Europe per season. Now we have new clients in Israel to serve with our new varieties of good quality and long shelf life blueberries," concluded Bentancur.

Source; https://www.freshplaza.com/article/9442304/uruguay-blueberries-granted-new-market-access-to-israel/


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