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Purple Magic, the first purple broccoli on the market

Purple Magic comes to revolutionize the market, as it is the first purple broccoli ever.

"This variety is the result of 10 years of research and it will win over consumers, not only because of its attractive purple color but also because of its high nutritional value," stated Antonio Ibarra, head of development of Brásicas de Sakata Seed Ibérica.

"The first thing that stands out of this new variety is its bright purple color, but behind it lies the real magic, since this color is due to its high content in anthocyanins, unlike traditional broccoli," he said.
According to one study that compared both types of broccoli, Purple Magic contains a high concentration of anthocyanins, similar to that observed in strawberries and three times greater than that of pomegranate. Anthocyanins are biomolecules with high antioxidant power, they give this broccoli its purple color and are found naturally in brassicas. Anthocyanins have anti-cancer properties and can also benefit the cardiovascular system and people's eyesight. In addition, according to this same study, unlike green broccoli, it contains selenium, with the consequent beneficial implications for the heart and muscles.

"When we develop a variety, we try to make it visually appealing and provide it with added value with respect to traditional varieties. Purple Magic gives us the opportunity to consume broccoli with a different, more powerful nutritional profile," stated Antonio Ibarra.

When asked how it differs from other products, such as Redi, Antonio said that this is the first broccoli with a purple stem, while the aforementioned product is broccoli shoots that come from a green stem.
Sakata Seed Ibérica, in its commitment to a better-nourished society, believes that this new variety will help boost broccoli consumption. "We try to anticipate what the consumer requires from us and we know the importance of colors and new formats in the purchase decision. We want Purple Magic to attract the attention of regular consumers of broccoli and encourage those who still have not dared to try this vegetable, including children, to consume it," stated Ibarra. "Its color is an innovation that is a differentiating element in the market, thus adapting to the requirements of supermarkets," he added.

Broccoli consumption has increased exponentially in the last ten years to the point that it has become a staple product for many consumers, for whom Sakata has a portfolio of varieties to cover the 12 months of the year. Purple Magic currently has a 4-month collection cycle.

"For now, it can be produced in the months of October, November, December, and January in the Region of Murcia, the main area for the cultivation of broccoli where this variety has been developed. We are now waiting for the market's feedback of this variety to evaluate further research to cover the 12 months of the year."
According to Antonio Ibarra, although the disadvantages of specialty vegetables have always been productivity and cost overruns, "Purple Magic offers yields that are very similar to those of green broccoli, because of its harvest dates. This short-cycle variety has a structure similar to any green broccoli with very fine grain and dome peel, but it's aesthetically very different because of its striking coloration, especially on the stem. It is a very interesting product, agronomically speaking."

Sakata Seed Ibérica, a leading seed company in broccoli, created Purple Magic after taking the challenge of breaking trends in the varietal development of broccoli, which in the last forty years had essentially focused on improving agronomic behavior in terms of adaptability, quality, performance and shelf life. The campaign will begin in July under the slogan "A spell for the senses." The company has decided to unveil its Purple Magic broccoli in the next edition of Fruit Attraction, in Madrid, where it will aspire to the 2022 Innovation Awards.

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