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Understand the liabilities when shipping reefer containers. Reviewing the basics

Reviewing the basics

Shipping note or instructions :
The required set-point temperature, humidity range, and/or air Exchange requirements are normally fixed at the time of booking . Thereafter these infos are copied in the bill of lading or waybill.

Prior to loading:
Before delivering the empty container to the exporter for loading, all reefer containers should be subject to a PTI (pre trip inspection) on behalf of the shipping line.
As a shipper, you must know that a PTI does NOT include setting the temperature at the correct degree.
Anyway, as a shipper you are responsable to precool cargo before stuffing the container.

Setting the correct temperatura/degrees :
The shipping line sets the temperatura befoere leasing the container, but the shipper has to that the temperatura is set properly before packing the cargo.
It is very important not to asume that the carrier's employee always checks it for you when setting the reefer temperature.

Don't trust ! It is a MUST for you to counter-check it.



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