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Berlin Fruit Logistica & the "REAL" kick-off of the year

Easyfresh was present in this relevant event

Regardless of ongoing seasons in the Northern and Southern hemispheres, Berlin's Fruit Logistica is somehow the "real" start of the year. The kick-off of this relevant event for the industry lead immediately thereafter to an utmost intense week for attendants. Easyfresh has been actively present, too. Many Easyfresh colleagues have had the opportunity to meet producers, suppliers, retailers, brokers, shippers, etc during this superb event .

Given this utmost intense environment, Easyfresh team mates have not been able to meet all those industry members we had wished. Please apologize if we did not manage to meet you. Nevertheless we remain at your disposal, as usually.

You may  contact us (email easyfresh.ho.marketing@easyfresh-logistics.com)  for a joint analysis and pricing of a transport solution throughout the world or you may approach your nearest Easyfresh Focal Point (visit www.easyfresh-logistics.com / Network / Focal Points section )

For your guidance, our next Newsletter will comment about Berlin's Fruit Logistica's biz developments . Your contribution with photos &  infos, utmost welcome. Just let us know !!

Our very best wishes for the "New Year" ahead


Anne Maurier

Marketing Manager and Editorial Director

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