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Coaching Session - Easyfresh 2014 Conference, Madrid 14th October

Adracoach has been appointed to lead the session

We have a agreed a brief but intense and interesting coaching session with "Adracoach". Managing Owner, Mrs Maria Del Mar Hidalgo de Cisneros Wilckens , shall lead said session and enhance our team work . Maria del Mar is a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) . You may follow her in Twitter @MdMarADRACOACH or visit her Linkedin webpage https://www.linkedin.com/in/mariadelmarhidalgodecisneros

Likewise Maria del Mar publishes articles, too : See a compilation/summary at her website (sorry those are in Spanish. We shall forward other articles in English as soon as we get them) : http://adracoach.com/articulos.html#seis

Maria del Mar shall follow & develop the Easyfresh 2013 Cologne Conference done team work.



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