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Interview to Rafael Llerena, Easyfresh CEO

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Who are Easyfresh ?

Easyfresh is a global network dedicated to reefer trades.It is formed by a number of well reputed and long established companies, having an extensive know-how in perishable cargo handling.Easyfresh serves customers around the world, being a strategic partner in the supply chain of many of our customers. Easyfresh is led by a group of experts in handling of fresh fruits, vegetables, juice, dairy products and fresh and frozen meat and fish products.Easyfresh is a global and independent reefer logistics supplier, interacting with shipping lines as an NVOCC, with our own multimodal house bill of lading.

What does Easyfresh offer to its customers, being shippers or receivers ?

We link producers and receivers of fresh produce globally. We offer door to door logistics solutions (or door/port , port/door or any of its combinations) for fresh and frozen produce. This includes of course seaborne transportation together with a broad range of services within the transport chain, like customs clearance, road transportation, distribution, cargo surveys, labelling, warehousing, etc

What are Easyfresh's greatest strengths?

Easyfresh is a global reefer logistic supplier with a clear commercial focus and very limited bureaucracy. So we are a commercial, flexible network with global cover, but likewise reliable and trustworthy. Besides it, we are independent and neutral and perceive all carriers as valuable suppliers.

What are Easyfresh's weakness ?

As a group we are still young. We are an addition of long established and successful regional reefer logistics operations. We will need some time to consolidate all regional operations, under our procedures and systems outlined in our Service Manual.

Where do you see Easyfresh five years from now?

Easyfresh will be the preferred logistics supplier for customers dealing in perishable trades.

What are Easyfresh's concerns?

In fact our main concern is to satisfy our customers. An unhappy customer is a problem and, at the same time, a challenge for us.

What's the most difficult part of being a network ?

A network has to work smoothly and efficiently. You may buy in most innovative systems, but overall "it is all about people" . So our team members, their continuous training and the synchrony of their day-to-day operations are paramount.

What are your goals?

First that comes to my mind is rather obvious ; customer satisfaction. Additionally our wish is to keep all Easyfresh team happy and motivated while working for our customers. So both issues come together.

What do you do when you hire people ?

Integrity, passion and know-how are key values for us. We seek said values in our team mates "to be"


Easyfresh Newsletter and additional informations are available upon request at info@easyfresh-logistics.com or easyfresh.ho.marketing@easyfresh-logistics.com


Easyfresh website is : www.easyfresh-logistics.com



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