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Easyfresh Ireland Ltd : A new & fresh Easyfresh set up

Easyfresh network expansion goes ahead with a Dublin based Newco

The global reefer network of Easyfresh is expanding to includeEasyfresh Ireland Ltd, a newly formed company that will open its doors in the first week of October. Headed up by Dublin based shipping expert, Christiaan Visser, Easyfresh Ireland isan exciting new business that will offer shipping and logistical solutions to the ever increasing flow of reefer export cargoes from Ireland into the UK, the continent and the rest of the world.

The new company is a joint venture between Mr Visser and Frigo Breda, Dutch owning partners in the Easyfresh network. "Easyfresh Ireland will bring a whole new dimension to the shipping of reefer cargo from Ireland", Christiaan Visser says. "We want to offer Irish exporters new and efficient ways to ship their perishable cargo on a door-to-door basis to the rest of the world and I believe we have the infrastructure and know-how to make a real impact in the Irish reefer industry". Easyfresh Ireland will utilize Frigo Breda's own container fleet of 45ft reefer units as well as their state of the art cold store facilities in The Netherlands, to offer multi-modal door-to-door supply chain solutions. This infrastructure alongside the existing Easyfresh global network, means that Easyfresh Ireland can truly reach anywhere in the world.

Importantly, Easyfresh Ireland will also offer a groupage service into the UK and the continent. The service will enable smaller exporters to ship smaller shipments at still competitive rates. "With a ‘name day' sailing service and our ability to distribute into the UK and Europe, we think that a groupage service for smaller quantities of temperature controlled cargoes will be very attractive", Christiaan remarks.    But it's not just exports that Easyfresh Ireland will be involved in. With a lot of reefer trade coming into Ireland, Easyfresh Ireland through the Easyfresh and Frigo Breda networks will be instrumental in coordinating these shipments and as with exports, will be able to offer multi-modal logistical solutions to some of the country's biggest importers of perishable products.

It's clear that Easyfresh Ireland fits perfectly into the Easyfresh business concept and vision and will play an important role in expanding the group's integrated supply of logistics for all cargo shipped under temperature controlled conditions. In a rapidly growing Irish reefer industry, Easyfresh Ireland certainly is a "fresh" and exciting addition to the Easyfresh group as well as to the Irish shipping industry and they are set to make a big impact in the marketplace, changing the face of integrated reefer logistics.

Christiaan Visser, General Manager of Easyfresh Ireland, has been involved in many different aspects of the global reefer trades. During a long working spell with global reefer shipping and logistics group, LauritzenCool Logistics, he worked with some of the world's biggest importers, exporters, shipping lines and third party service providers. He was instrumental in setting up various multi-modal supply chains and also played a central role in establishing a UK office for the LauritzenCool group. Christiaan's love for shipping (and ships) saw him broke away from the reefer industry for a while, joining NYKLine's Car Carrier division in London where he was a trade manager for the Continent - Middle East (EMEA) trade, managing some of NYK's biggest vessels on one of the most challenging trades. After this he moved to Ireland to set up he's own shipping company and over the last 6 years have built up a wealth of local knowledge, implementing door-to-door supply chains for many exporters and importers. When it comes to door-to-door logistics in the reefer industry, Christiaan brings a know-how to Easyfresh and understand what it takes to deliver time sensitive cargoes from origin to final destination in an effective and timely manner.

For more info, please contact : christiaan.visser@easyfresh-logistics.com



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