Easy Fresh


Easyfresh Intranet kicks-off

An innovative tool & a solid platform for all Easyfresh users

It is our pleasure to announce the readiness of our brand new Easyfresh INTRANET . The intranet is already implemented and operational !

This investment is one of the agreed steps at our Easyfresh 2014 Madrid Conference. It will allow all Easyfresh network members to share shipping documents and all type of relevant worthy informations.

Easyfresh HQ has already uploaded folders like the Easyfresh Manual , relevant infos like Commercial Action Plans, local costs, haulages, cross-docking costs, local recommendations, pictures of facilities, news etc 

Besides it, this tool offers a number of other options, including "interactive interaction" with customers & suppliers

Usual access will be through our website (lower grey frame of all site pages). 

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