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Easyfresh in the 22nd Iran Agrofood edition, opening 26th May 2015

The 22nd Iran Agrofood in 2015 is the biggest edition ever - featuring 951 exhibitors from 23 countries

Featuring 951 exhibitors from 23 countries iran agrofood 2015 takes place on 33,425 square-meters of net exhibition space on 26 - 29 May at the fully booked Tehran International Fairgrounds.
Austria, China, France, Germany, India, Italy and Turkey take part with country pavilions. According to Martin März, Managing Director with fairtrade, "the record participation is based on an improved business climate as the overall EU-trade with Iran for instance has increased by 21% to 7.5 billion euros in 2014. And of course the preliminary nuclear deal has boosted the Iran-business. 
Some even anticipate a ‘gold rush' once Iran's 77-million-strong, highly educated, consumption-savvy market opens up". Vera Fritsche of the VDMA Food Processing and Food Packaging Machinery Association points out why Iran is such an important market: "Due to the sanctions many investments were postponed in recent years. 
The country needs to modernize its food and beverage industry, and to continue to expand it in order to meet the growing demand of the population for food and drink. Iran offers great potential not least because of its growing and young population, increasing urbanization, a growing middle class, working women and the spread of organized trade in supermarkets and hypermarkets."     

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