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New Easyfresh Service Manual

Message from our CEO Mr Rafael Llerena

I am very pleased to distribute the new version of the "EASYFRESH Service Manual" freshly edited and in a pdf file.

The "spirit" and key contents of the previous version remain, though present new publication is more "handy". This was requested during our 2014 Madrid gathering as a convenient action to be taken, in order to better follow all compiled indications.

The Manual comprises two parts : A) The "Manual" itself and B) the "Library", available in the INTRANET and to which the text refers to.

The EASYFRESH Service Manual, is our  "handbook", issued for common guidance and contains all SOPs, rules and instructions that have to be followed by all Easyfresh members.  For sure, during our 2015 Qingdao Conference we will highlight and discuss some of its contents.

Now is time for all of us to strictly FOLLOW and implement the EASYFRESH Service Manual in full.

Finally, I'd like to hereby thank my colleagues Mats and Francisco, for their hard work during these past months.

Best regards/Rafa

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