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Rafael Llerena interviewed about Easyfresh and Qingdao's Yearly Easyfresh Commercial Meeting (November 3rd, 2015)

Easyfresh Logistics CEO Rafael Llerena shots a photograph to his own company preparing its great event in China in early November

"We are A global reefer logistic supplier seeking solutions from A to B anywhere in the world only under temperature controlled environment. We are proud to say that we are the only world's global, neutral & dedicated reefer logistics suppliers!" claims the Valencia-based firm, dubbing themselves as specialized shipping and logistics solutions suppliers of reefer trades, focused in Iberia, Eurupe and close North African and Mediterranean countries, but being active worldwide as a truly global operator.

To better understand the business carried on by Easyfresh Logistics's, Ship2Shore made an interview CEO Rafael Llerena, whose biography is outstanding indeed.

Previously with MacAndrews-Andrew Weir Shipping and Maritima del Mediterraneo SA (Marmedsa), he had caught a university degree at the University of Valencia and in is official profile tell his main goal is "to combine my experience in shipping, acquired as from 1982, with my background in inland logistics, making ‘creative' multimodal transportation in dry and reefer cargo, supported by strong skills in seaborne transportation, liner shipping, short sea shipping, palletized reefer shipping, brokerage and reefer logistics".

Currently still at CM Lamed SA (Manreefer Group) - founded by Llerena's father in the ‘70s and acquired at that time to Danish J. Lauritzen A/S - Llerena is CEO of both Easyfresh Management and Maritime & Logistics since July 2009. "An excellent professional, extremely skilled in shipping and logistics, who provides a superb support to all colleagues. He is serious and straightforward in all business aspects, but never loses kind and positive attitude towards team mates, showing respect to all persons he deals, being loyal and committed" says his colleague Anne Maurier.

Who is your client? The fruit/meat/frozen fish producers and/or freight forwarders/retailers?

"Our customers are all type of producers, exporters or importers, retailers and global accounts trading with all type of temperature controlled cargoes, being fresh produce, seafood, meat, frozen poultry etc We, as logisticians, connect producers and receivers globally. The dynamics of the trade and the need to supply regularly from different hemispheres or origins to the shelves of the ultimate part of the cold chain (many times retailers) lead us to be an excellent tool for the supermarket chains - as a key tool to reduce costs and shorten the origin to destination links".

"What is the quantity of freight moved per year, split per mode of transport?

"Roughly the equivalent to 30,000 reefer containers per year. Our core biz area remains to be the Mediterranean and Europe, though  not always involved in the seafreight (mostly in the inland logistics). We are expanding in several areas, like the Far East and gradually becoming more global. Our specialized focus is unique and allows us to constantly grow and consolidate our network".

What motivations and objectives prompted you to become an entrepreneur?

"We identified a gap in the market; we are proud to say we are the only world's global, neutral & dedicated reefer logistics supplier"

Do you provide some services that are different from those of your competitors? Do you distinguish yourself for a different organization, quality, productivity, pricing?

"We do compete with local or regional players; normally those are dealing with dry and reefer. We, as Easyfresh, are not interested in dry cargo lifting, so we are totally focused to reefer. Such a very specialized view, makes a strong different: remember that if a fruit arrives to the market one day earlier, the producer gets a penny more; understanding this together with the fact that the shortest seaborne transit time is not always the fastest way to reach the markets (customs, phytosanitary local barriers, legal bans, etc) leads us to have a much better understanding of the customer needs and subsequently a more efficient construction of the cold chain service packages".

What assets (means and facilities) do you own? do you have hire/collaboration deal with operators?

"Easyfresh has very limited assets, since we subcontract all services to build up the door to door cold chain or transport solution. Our partners do own a number of assets, being cold-stores, trucking companies, containers etc, in different parts of the world".

What is the current financial and commercial condition of your company?

"We run our biz concept in  more than 60 offices in 80 countries. The financial part changes on a per country basis".

Which are your main customers?

"We work with companies like Capespan, Total Produce, Magrabi and a number of key European retailers".

What investments are you doing or have you planned?

"As said Easyfresh is not investing in assets - nevertheless we have a number of projects dealt by our partners, like a cold-store in Poland, due in 2015; and an Intra-Europe reefer train, by 2016".

A comment on the trend of the market: prospects for 2015, problems to be solved?

"The problems won't be solved; indeed if all problems were solved, our function would be lesser... Having said that, the dynamics of the crops (weather linked), dynamics of the seafood trades, reduced spaces during seasons in ships or road trip, aquaculture new investments etc are creating a number of bottle-necks and opportunities constantly; and this will remain happening. So we will keep on providing solutions to our customers".  

Do you have any recent or upcoming news to announce?

"We recently appointed new colleagues in Jordan (Tehama Shipping). We have a news section in our website which is regularly updated and a rather active Twitter account announcing same. Shortly, more news are going to come, though we'd prefer to announce same later on. We'd like to underline our Qingdao gathering which has been scheduled for the 3rd of November (Easyfresh Yearly Conference)".

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