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Easyfresh participates in Cold Chain Barcelona (Informa Group)

Rafael Llerena's lecture about the role of a reefer logistics operator to gain efficiency in the cold chain

 Standard calculation of transport chain costs will show only "evident" costs (addition of all service components inland + seaborne transportation (if any) . What about "hidden" costs ?

These create "thorns" or "knots" in the transport chain, sometimes difficult to evaluate, thoug some KPIs should assist to meassure same.

Fragmentation of the cold chain is a fact. Most inefficiencies come from the change of transport mode or operator (terms of sale or other circumstances lead to the participation of several operators, those being shipping lines, hauliers, coldstores, CHBs, etc ).

Said players have a role and most of them are efficient in their "Leg" or in the activity they develop within the transport chain.

Most inefficiencies arise when the operators change. When cargo is dealt by diffrenet "hands". Reefer Logistics operators "glue" the components of the cold chain. Easyfresh, as a global reefer logistics supplier, offers comfort to customers in this "relay race" / when changing transport mode or operations. Only reefer logistics suppliers can reduce said level of uncertainty in an effective way for customers.

If you wish to get Mr Llerena's presentation please mail : info@easyfresh-logistics.com

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