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Our rich history is one we are proud of. It confirms why Easyfresh has become a truly trustworthy company within the reefer logistics industry. Our history begins, more than one century ago, during the early XXth century.

J Lauritzen España SL was established 1912 in Valencia, Spain being the eldest local broker and shipagent when joining the ANV, local shipbrokers and agents association.

J.Lauritzen Spain SL was renamed 1979 to Compañía Maritima Lamed SA, by Rafael Llerena sr. when adquiring its shares to JL Denmark together with Manreefer Corp. At that point in time Manreefer and LauritzenCool operated "Coolman" a liner reefer break bulk shipping Costa Rica-Colombia-Europe. Likewise Manreefer operated another service with Star Reefers from Colombia to the States, being Banacol (now Dole Group) the major customer.

Early 90s, Coolman service led to the construction of a first class refrigerated warehouse at Marin port (North West Spain), to deal with tropical inbound produce into the Iberian Peninsula. Another quayside coldstore (Fricasa, Castellon port) was developed to support the clementine export traffics to the US and some other South American fresh produce import traffics, in which Rafael Llerena sr was actively involved (stevedoring, chartering, brokerage, husbandry etc). Vessels from reputed owners like Star Reefers, Green Reefers , Seatrade, Maestro, Maritima del Norte or Lauritzencool operated at our cited facilities.

The progression of the reefer container trades, lead the Management to convert the brokerage, ship agency, chartering and stevedoring reefer business into logistics. Beginning of the XXIst century, Rafael Llerena sr. and his son Rafael Llerena agreed to transfer the port coldstores and related activities to third parties and to concentrate in reefer logistics, firstly with Lauritzencool in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean (operation absorbed by NYKCool) and thereafter with a truly global perspective with EASYFRESH, as from 2009.

EASYFRESH remains being the only neutral, global and dedicated reefer logistics suppliers with a strong presence in all Europe, the Adriatic and the Mediterranean and gradually expanding in Asia, Africa and "The Americas". Easyfresh has a clear and exclusive mission, developed globally by adding value to the seafreight with a worldwide focus but adjusting to the various local market maturity levels. The "glocality" as a combined global and local focus.

Our strong brand and reputation, is allowing to develop strategic alliances with a number of well reputed allies worldwide, those being trucking companies, coldstore operators, ports or shipowners.

Nowadays EASYFRESH is managed by EASYFRESH Logistics, SL, headed by Rafael Llerena. The reliability and reefer focus of EASYFRESH four owning partners lead to a unique business concept and operation.

We are very proud to say that Capespan, Bama, Keelings , Mehadrin, Magrahbi, Auchan , Sanlucar Austria amongst many other first class customers are actively working with Easyfresh in different trade legs, thanks to Easyfresh owning partners high standards and efficiencies in the cold chain.