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FreshPort has been created, as a result of EasyFresh’s worldwide expansion and breakthrough into intermodalism applied to the carriage by sea and land of refrigerated and frozen cargoes.

When building logistics solutions for our customers, Easyfresh links the different components of the fragmented cold chain. This complexity leads Easyfresh to be in close contact with a number of relevant players of the reefer industry, keeping trustworthy intense commercial relationships and developing specific partnerships in concrete locations and ports.

Consequently, in addition to our usual logistics services, we are starting to offer through FreshPort our expertise to Port Authorities, and to all sorts of public and private actors such as; terminal operators, coldstores, hauliers, forwarders and agencies, fruit & vegetables growers’ associations, governmental organisations and NGOs, development banks, etc...

Under FreshPort we assist in examining and eventually redefining traditional reefer transport patterns, recommending redistribution of cargo flows, proposing investments and joint-ventures, etc, with an ultimate goal: To increase and consolidate reefer cargo volumes handled.

Therefore, our target under FreshPort is to create taylor-made specific partnerships and not a classic or pure advisory role.

Although our FreshPort concept is global, too, we strive to serve at the beginning ports and hinterlands in challenging, difficult and/or developing areas: Morocco, West Africa, Balkans and Black Sea, Asia, America, among others…”

Easyfresh regular traffics and activities for shippers and consignees located all over the world, shall be supportive to FreshPort developments.