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Growth and success are the results of expertise and forces working together

Our multimodal or combined transport solutions are based on coldstores, shortsea, road, rail and efficient relays inbetween those different modes. We use our first class hubs and distribution centers. These multimodal solutions avoid the negative consequences of “pure road transport” such as pollution, noise, congestion and accidents. As a matter of fact, in one of our core regions; Europe, freight transport continues to grow and road freight transport, in particular, is projected to increase by around 40% by 2030 and by little over 80% by 2050. Therefore, Easyfresh supports the EU transport policy aims therefore at reducing road transport towards less polluting and more energy efficient modes of transport.

Four types of actions support greater use of Easyfresh unique multimodal solutions for fresh and frozen cargoes.

A) Smart use of all modes of transport based on trustworthy suppliers with a view to send appropriate pricing and “peace of mind” to all customers, being producers, exporters, retailers, importers, etc…

B) Excellent interconnections between the single modal networks and expertise in all portions of the cold chain. Effectiveness in the modal shift

C) Fluent use of information (on traffic, capacities, availability of coldstore space and cross-docking facilities, cargo and vehicle positioning).

D) Reliable and simplified documentary procedures, constructing smooth door to door solutions